I Want Sleep!

Does it ever feel like you just can't get a break? I try to remain positive and in a good mood, but it gets increasingly difficult to do during some rough spots. I am in such a horrid mood right now! I dealt with my sore back all day and a cranky toddler who had refused to nap. I was ready to get some rest.

I crawled in to bed at around midnight. Sleep did not come easily for me... actually, it didn't come at all. It was moments after my head hit the pillow that Xander started to fuss. Within seconds it was all-out screaming. Judging by the way he was acting, he had been woken by a nightmare. I cuddled him a bit, placed him back in his crib, and headed back to bed.

By the time on the clock when Xander next woke me, I estimate I got about two minutes of a doze. I had fallen asleep so quickly and been woken so suddenly by his shouting that I was dizzy as I stumbled to his room. I arrived in his room to find him tossing his blankets and teddy bears from the bed. He was shouting at each item as though it had wronged him in some way.

Warm milk, more cuddles, some relaxing music and he drifted off. I placed him quietly back in his crib and headed back toward my bed. I have yet to make it there. Ross and I took turns cuddling Xander. More quiet music. Adjusted the room lighting. We tried outright ignoring his cries... that didn't last long. Eventually, I sent the hubby back to bed to get some sleep before work and I let the kiddo get up.

It's now after five in the morning and Xander is showing no sign of slowing down. My husband's alarm just went off. He's starting his day and I have yet to end yesterday. You'd never know Xander was going on a mere two hours of sleep. A look at me and it would be quite clear I haven't slept!

I at least got my daily deal posts done for Tyrneathem and my stitch-a-day posts done for The Yarn Bin, so I accomplished something. If he doesn't get back to sleep, I'm going to be pretty useless until the hubby gets home... then I'll be snoring!